Postgraduate Year 2

Yeshel Chokshi

Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Hometown: Cary, NC

Hobbies: Likes to build computers and play video games. I play a variety of percussion instruments and love learning new percussion instruments.

Interesting Fact(s): I choreograph, teach and compete in an Indian Dance form called Bhangra

Joshua Peltz

Medical School: Eastern Virginia Medical School

Hometown: Norfolk, VA

Hobbies: Video games, running, cooking, lifting, and hiking.

Interesting Fact(s): I’m a former Navy Medical Officer for Marine Attack Squadron 542

Lanre Adabale

Medical School: University of Lagos College of Medicine

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Hobbies: Playing and watching soccer, traveling and meeting new people. I love learning about new cultures and places. Cooking and eating international dishes.

Interesting Fact(s): My last name is so unique that anyone with the same last name is related to me.

Christin Wilkinson

Medical School: American University of Antigua College of Medicine

Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas

Hobbies: Exercising, watching trivia game shows. I’ve watched every cooking show on Netflix and Hulu.

Interesting Fact(s): I recently lost over 60 lb.

Arthur Dilibe

Medical School: Windsor University School of Medicine

Hometown: Denton, TX

Hobbies: Working out, cooking, traveling, writing, podcasting, binging on YouTube videos.

Interesting Fact(s): I play the Conga drum. I also have a flair for interior design and architecture.

Osejie Fidelis Oriaifo

Medical School: Saba University School of Medicine

Hometown: Greensboro, NC

Hobbies: I love animals. I have had multiple pets, from a monkey to a turtle. I currently own multiple fish and an Axolotl. I love to run and cook healthy meals.

Interesting Fact(s): I make my own yogurt and have mastered the art of yogurt recipes.

Dr. Ahmed Hebishy

Ahmed Hebishy

Medical School: College of Human Medicine at Benha University

Hometown: Benha, Egypt

Hobbies: Medicine, History & Wildlife. I enjoy reading, running, swimming, watching movies, playing with my kids and exploring new places and food.

Interesting Fact(s): I know all my ancestors’ names back to prophet Mohammed (1444 years)

Usman Saqib

Medical School: The Brody School of Medicine at ECU

Hometown: Cary, NC

Hobbies: In my free time, I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee and rock climbing.

Interesting Fact(s): I also used to do wedding videography before medical school!

Ahmed Sami Hammami

Medical School: Faculté de Médecine Monastir

Hometown: Monastir, Tunisia

Hobbies: I was born and raised in a small city by the coast in Tunisia where I enjoyed sailing, kitesurfing, and paddling.

Interesting Fact(s): What I love the most is traveling and immersing myself into new cultures

Smit Rajput

Medical School: University College of Medical Sciences and Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital

Hometown: New Delhi, India

Hobbies: I love history, especially geo-political world history and history of medicine

Interesting Fact(s): I stitch beautiful handbags

Sukhvir Singh

Medical School: Tbilisi State Medical University Faculty of Medicine

Hometown: Tbilisi, Georgia

Hobbies: I am a huge fan of watching, discussing, and playing basketball. I like hiking, traveling.

Interesting Fact(s): I have recently developed an interest in Vikings.

Stephanie Giselle Ibarra Lepe

Medical School: Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara Facultad de Medicina

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Hobbies: Running, drawing/painting, watching Netflix, hiking, singing loudly in my car with the windows rolled down.

Interesting Fact(s): I have a family of over 350 members (all close relatives).

Sinda Hidri

Medical School: Faculté de Médecine et de Pharmacie de Tunis

Hometown: Tunis, Tunisia

Hobbies: Traveling, listening to music, cooking (although, I am not a good cook).

Interesting Fact(s): I can take a nap at any moment & time of the day.

Husam El Sharu

Medical School: Mu’tah University Faculty of Medicine

Hometown: Amman, Jordan

Hobbies: I like attending classical music concerts. I read poetry.

Interesting Fact(s): At home I used to have a lot of pets including many fish, birds, and at once 9 cats at the same time

Lakshmi Subramanian

Medical School: K.J. Somaiya Medical College

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Hobbies: I am a certified open water scuba diver. I love swimming and anything related to water.

Interesting Fact(s): I love traveling and have been to over 30 countries. I am also a trained dancer.

Sashwath Srikanth

Medical School: S.R.M. Medical College Hospital Research Centre

Hometown: La Paz, Bolivia

Hobbies: Drumming – making drum courses and uploading it on Instagram. Hanging out with my friends and family. Hiking hills. Watching sports with the boys.

Interesting Fact(s): My dad and I have the same birthday; my mom and my sister have the same birthday.

Ongeri Joseph Ayako

Med School: ECU-Brody School of Medicine

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Hobbies: Gardening, DIY projects, ancient history, traveling

Interesting Fact: I have a passion for DIY home improvement projects. I once replaced the flooring in my house within a day of learning to do it online.