Program Highlights


  • 10-year accreditation through the new ACGME Accreditation System
  • Exclusive inpatient training at ECU Health Medical Center, a state-of-the-art medical center:
    • 974-bed teaching hospital for the Brody School of Medicine at ECU
    • Only regional tertiary care referral center providing services to 1.4 million people in 29 counties in Eastern NC
    • Level 1 Trauma Center
    • 130,000 ED visits and 45,000 admissions yearly
    • 400+ residents and 40 GME training programs
    • 24-bed MICU and 24-bed CICU training facility
    • Culturally and ethnically diverse patient population
    • Fully-integrated EHR for inpatient and outpatient using EPIC (HealthSpan)
    • University-based education in an area with excellent living conditions
    • Outstanding ancillary services and patient safety protocols
    • IM Residents run all codes in the hospital (including any procedures)
  • Ambulatory outpatient training at Moye Medical Center
    • Adjacent to ECU Health Medical Center, walkable distance
    • Daily morning conference and weekly afternoon continuity using Yale Modules
    • Rotate at multiple subspeciality clinics, including breast clinic, bariatrics, ENT, sleep clinic, etc.
    • Excellent ancillary services, including pharmacy, nutrition, health coach, social work, etc.
    • On site diabetes, procedure, CKD, and coumadin clinics
  • Educational and research opportunities:
    • Balanced emphasis on scholarly activities with resident research
    • Web-Based scheduling, procedure log, evaluations and conference tracking
    • Revamped ABIM Board Review curriculum with focused review classes incorporating all training levels
    • Full schedule of educational conferences
    • Procedural simulation training and team-based learning at the Clinical Simulation Center
    • Active resident involvement in curriculum planning, quality assurance and many other clinic/academic endeavors through Resident and Fellow Council
    • Global Health and Underserved Populations Program
  • Resources available for planning for a future ahead after residency
    • Excellent fellowship match rates and other post-graduate alumni placement opportunities
    • Director’s Month for PGY-2 (2-4 week seminar that offers leadership training, residents as teachers, management skills, etc.)
  • Competitive salaries and excellent benefits


The Philosophy of our Department of Internal Medicine Residency Program is to encourage the development of outstanding doctors by providing the proper training in clinical medicine. One of our hallmarks is that we teach along a very broad spectrum that encompasses common topics in internal medicine as well all subjects like medical decision making, medical ethics, behavior health, preventive medicine, and residents as educators. We employ a system of graded-responsibility that is based on teamwork and includes a balance in resident-life.

Mission Statement

The ECU Internal Medicine Residency strives to improve the health and wellbeing of people in rural Eastern North Carolina. We train high quality, team-focused internists prepared to thrive in the rapidly changing world of clinical complexity and an evolving healthcare landscape. Through robust experience in clinical and health system science we want to cultivate outstanding physicians with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for success in a broad range of careers.

Program Aims

Educate residents to become excellent practitioners of Internal Medicine in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. Prepare residents to become competitive applicants for a wide range of interests beyond internal medicine including fellowships, research, leadership, and education. Develop emotionally healthy physicians to provide better care for our community by focusing on physician well-being, teamwork, and providing strategies for resilience.

Describe how the program will achieve/ensure diversity in trainee recruitment, selection, and retention.

ECU/ECU Health has a long history of success in recruiting and retaining a diverse cohort of high quality residents. We do not discriminate based on country of origin, race, medical school attended, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. We recruit trainees based on their capacity to deliver effective and compassionate care to patients with complex illness. For years the faculty hired to fulfill clinical teaching roles have been qualified professionals of diverse background. These individuals participate in the interview and selection and ranking process for the residency. Our goal is to continue to hire individuals from around the world who have the talent and work ethic and strength of character that engenders a rewarding career of service above self.

Describe how the program will achieve/ensure diversity in the individuals participating in the training program (e.g. faculty, administrative personnel, etc.).

Diversity is an integral part of ECU Internal Medicine and Vidant Hospital. For years the faculty and support staff hired to fulfill teaching and administrative roles have been qualified professionals of diverse background. ECU/ ECU Health is enriched by its culture that is inclusive and diverse. At present the program is home for faculty from 6 countries providing proof to its global identity and uniqueness. We have achieved this robust level of diversity by fairly and non-discriminately hiring the person who best values knowledge and professionalism.

The Pirate Message

The Internal Medicine Residency Program is a university program within East Carolina University with direct ties to the Brody School of Medicine and ECU Health Medical Center. We operate within these diverse institutions- yet all have common goals that are cited in each of their mission statements and visions. The importance of staying true to your guiding principles and roots is well understood here at our program. Please read below for a summary of this information from each of our institution’s perspective. Also check out the video highlighting the blending of these missions below.

East Carolina University

It is the mission of East Carolina University (ECU) to be a national model for student success, public service and regional transformation. We accomplish our mission through education, research, creative activities, and service while being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us. ECU has a proud heritage. From our early days as a school for training teachers to our present status as a national doctoral research university. We have continually served our region with quality and commitment since 1907. Our commitment is an expression of our motto, Servire, or “To Serve.” We believe that no university has done a better job of public service than East Carolina University, and we will continue to be a national model for how to use university resources for the greater public good.

The Brody School of Medicine

The Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University is a relatively young medical school with a strong primary care orientation. The school established a three-fold mission in 1974 that continues to serve as a guiding framework for our overall educational efforts. Consistent with our overall educational mission to train future physicians in service to the people of North Carolina, the Office of Medical Education (OME) at BSOM was established.

OME is strongly committed to excellence in all aspects of the physician training process. We work closely with our basic science and clinical departments as well as with all administrative units within the medical school to maximize the achievement of our students, and to support our teaching faculty in delivering a curriculum that emphasizes the science and art of medicine. OME is committed to working collectively with the faculty and administration to maintain a learning environment that values every student and facilitates the achievement of their educational goals, including their ability to lead and serve in communities across North Carolina.

Vidant Health and Vidant Medical Center

The mission at Vidant Health is to improve the health of the people and communities we touch, serve and support. VMC prides itself on improving patient experience, quality, and safety and we report our performance to national organizations such as The Joint Commission and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Read the complete ECU Health Mission Statement

Keeping the Doctors Close to Home

Working at ECU Health

  • Modern 974 bed teaching hospital for the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University
  • Only regional tertiary care referral center providing services to 1.4 million people in 29 counties
  • 130,000 ED visits and 45,000 admissions yearly
  • Providing the only Level 1 trauma center in eastern North Carolina
  • Over 400 residents and 40 graduate medical education training programs

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