Available Positions

  • Categorical – 17 positions per year
  • Preliminary – 5 positions
    • 5 positions are offered for individuals seeking one year of internal medicine training in preparation for residency in another discipline (e.g. radiology, neurology, anesthesia, PM&R, dermatology).
    • The schedule for interns in the Preliminary Program is parallel to our Categorical Program and Preliminary interns are treated as valued members of our training program.

We have moved to a NO 24 hour Call system, with a dedicated Night Float Team

General Internal Medicine / Cardiology5632
Medical ICU1-21-211
Night Medicine1111
Emergency Medicine11
Director's Month1
Pirate Medicine11
Ambulatory Medicine2222
Consult Elective3335
Outpatient Elective11
Total13 Blocks per Academic Year


  • 1 block = 4 weeks
  • The above schedule is a generic example of an academic year and may be changed based on individual residents’ circumstances.

Internal Medicine Services

Cardiology – PGY 1-3

  • 4 interns + 3 seniors + 1 fellow + attending
  • East Carolina Heart Institute – 120 beds
  • Multidisciplinary rounds with Pharmacy
  • Weekly didactics taught by Cardiology fellow
  • Residents will learn to care for patients with NSTEMI, heart failure and arrhythmias along with exposure to CICU patients
  • Opportunities for residents to teach medical students rotating in cardiology
  • Opportunity to rotate in CICU for PGY-3 residents interested in pulmonary/critical care or cardiology fellowship

Emergency Medicine – PGY-2 or PGY-3

  • Level I Trauma Center that provides interventional medical services for acute, cardiac, and neurologic disease
  • Weekly Wednesday morning conference
  • Direct one-to-one interaction with the attending physician
  • Excellent opportunities to develop POCUS and procedural skills

General Internal Medicine – PGY 1-3

  • 2-3 interns + 1 seniors + attending + 1 MOD
  • ECU Health Medial Center – 974 beds
  • Multidisciplinary rounds with Nursing, Pharmacy, and Case Management
  • Residents will learn to care for patients presenting with basic and complex medical pathology on a day-to-day basis.
  • Opportunities to teach M3 and M4 students
  • Excellent opportunities to develop POCUS and procedural skills

Medical Officer of the Day (MOD) – PGY-2 or PGY-3

  • Internal medicine consults and triage where residents develop their triage skills to determine if patients need to be admitted, observed or can be discharged from the ED
  • MOD assigned to each general medicine team Manage ICU and clinic transfer calls as well as ED consults for admissions

Geriatrics – PGY 3

  • 2 residents + Geriatrician
  • 4 weeks providing care for patients at 3 local nursing homes – East Carolina Rehab and Wellness, MacGregor Downs and Universal Healthcare.
  • Geriatrics clinic once a week

Medical Oncology Hospitalist Rotation – PGY 2-3

  • 1 senior Resident + 2 Attendings
  • Residents will take care of a wide variety of patients with various cancers; the role is to mainly focus on the medicine aspects while Hematology/Oncology consultants will focus more on chemo/radiation regimens
  • More autonomy for residents to manage critically ill patients and opportunity to perform procedures

Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) – PGY 1-3

  • 3-4 residents + fellow + attending / team
  • Closed ICU with 24 beds
  • Multidisciplinary rounds with Pharmacy, RT, PT/OT, Nursing, and Nutrition
  • Excellent opportunity to develop POCUS, procedural and ventilator management skills

Community Hospitalist Rotation – PGY 3

  • 1 senior Resident + Attending
  • Elective rotation
  • Residents will take care of a wide variety of patients while learning the function of the hospitalist in a community setting. This includes what care can be delivered in a community setting versus an academic setting while providing access to patients in critical access locations across Eastern North Carolina
  • Hospital management lectures by the Medical Director of ECU Health Hospitalists, Dr. Manning Exposure to open ICU and associated procedures

Night Medicine – PGY 1-3

  • 2 interns + 2 seniors + attending
  • 4 weeks of night medicine each year
  • Residents will be exposed to a wide variety of diseases and allows senior residents to increase autonomy

Pirate Medicine – PGY 2-3

  • 2 seniors + attending
  • Residents will be involved with medicine and procedure consults from various departments and co-management of orthopedic patients

Elective Rotations

  • Away Rotation – PGY-2 or greater
  • Anesthesia Rotation – can be arranged for interested preliminary PGY-1
  • Cardiology
    • Consults and outpatient clinic
    • Heart Failure – PGY-2 or greater
    • Electrophysiology (EP) – PGY-2 or greater
    • Intensive Care Unit (CICU) – PGY-3 if pursuing pulmonary/critical care or cardiology fellowship
  • Hematology/Oncology Inpatient Consult and outpatient clinic
  • Endocrinology Inpatient Consult and outpatient clinic
  • Gastroenterology Inpatient Consult and outpatient clinic
    • Advanced GI with access to advanced endoscopic procedures (ERCP and EUS) – PGY-2 or greater
  • Hospitalist Rotation – PGY-3 or greater
    • Can rotate at a community hospital and ECU Health Medical Center
  • Infectious Disease Consults and outpatient clinic
  • Medical ICU Elective – PGY-2 or greater
  • Musculoskeletal Outpatient – PGY-2 or greater
  • Nephrology Consults and outpatient clinic including transplant and glomerulonephritis clinic
  • Psychiatry Consults
  • Pulmonary Consults and outpatient clinic
  • Radiology Rotation – can be arranged for interested preliminary PGY-1
  • Research
  • Neurology Consults
  • Dermatology Clinic
  • Hybrid Complex Medical Unit (Med-Psych unit)