Ryan White Program


The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program provides a comprehensive system of care that includes primary medical care and essential support services for people living with HIV who are uninsured or underinsured.(HRSA) Here at The Brody School of Medicine East Carolina University-Division of Infectious Disease (ECU-DID) we are the primary provider for HIV care in eastern NC.

Our clinic is located in Greenville, NC, which is approximately 90 miles east of Raleigh, NC and 100 miles west of the Outer Banks, NC. Our catchment area includes 30-counties in eastern North Carolina (ENC) which is predominantly rural, with limited to no public transportation, and 12% to 33% of residents live at or below poverty level.

ECU-DID is a ‘One Stop’ University clinic that provides several core and supportive services: primary HIV medical care, substance abuse and mental health counseling, medical care coordination/medical case management; medication treatment adherence provided by a clinical pharmacist; gynecology care for all non-pregnant women.

Alexandra Stang, MD
Ryan White Program Director and Principal Investigator


The Ryan White Program offers a variety of core medical and support services for people who meet specific eligibility requirements.  To be considered Ryan White Eligible (RWE) the following conditions must be met.

  • Patient must be HIV Positive
  • Proof of NC residency
  • Proof of Income – is less than or equal to 300% Federal Poverty Level
  • Patients with income exceeding 300% of the Federal Poverty Level may qualify for limited Ryan White services

Documents you need to bring to office

Proof of Income

Most recent 30 days of Pay Stubs from Employment: (showing year to date income and deductions).

  • Disabled/Veteran/Retired: A copy of applicant’s and spouse’s benefit award letter or any other official document showing the amount received on a monthly basis.
  • Alimony and Child Support: A copy of applicant’s benefit award letter or any other official document showing the amount received on a regular basis from Alimony and Child Support.
  • Unemployment Benefits/Income: A copy of applicant’s benefit award letter or any other official documentation showing the amount received on a regular basis.
  • Copy of IRS Tax Return Form: If self-employed, a copy of the Tax Return Form for the most recent year will be required. If the client doesn’t have a copy of the tax return form, see the Manual for how to obtain one.

Proof of North Carolina Residency

  • Copy of valid NC Driver’s License or government-issued identification card with name and home address
  • Copy of a utility bill or lease with applicant’s name and current address
  • Anything with applicants’ name and home address or the Ryan White Part B & HMAP Declaration of Residency (clients will be expected to provide a preferred or other acceptable documentation of residency by the next renewal period)

Proof of Insurance or Medicare/Medicaid

  • Copy of insurance card(s)
  • If there is an insurance cap, letter/summary from insurance company or specific proof from the insurance policy
  • Copy of Medicare card (If income is at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, client must apply for Social Security’s low-income subsidy (LIS) also known as “extra help”
  • Copy of Medicare Part D plan card (this is different from the Medicare card)
  • Copy of Medicaid card

If you have any questions, please contact one of the Ryan White (RW)/HMAP eligibility specialists.

Diana Goodie
Social Work Practitioner/Program Manager
Kameron Lupton
Ryan White Eligibility Specialist
Je’Nya Taylor
Ryan White Eligibility Specialist

Linkage To Care

To schedule an intake appointment or to be linked to care at the ECU Adult Specialty Clinic you may contact one of our Linkage Retention Coordinators at 744-5187 or 744-4500.