Current Fellows


Third Year

Dr. Nim ChanNim Chan, MD
ID Critical Care Fellow

Second Year

Ramez Azzam MD
ID Fellow

First Year

Moises CintronMoises Clintron, MD
ID Fellow

Rebecca SmidyRebecca Smidy, MD
ID Fellow/Critical Care Medicine Fellow


Mohammed ZamamMohammed Zaman, MD
ID Fellow/Critical Care Medicine Fellow

Of recent ECU Health/BSOM trainees:

  • 100% have passed their ID sub-specialty board examination
  • 50% have gone on to academic ID or IC/CCM positions
  • 50% have gone on to private, group or hospital-based positions

Regions in the US in which they are practicing:

  • Southeast (6)
  • Northeast (3)
  • Midwest (1)
  • Southwest (1)
  • West (1)

ID Week


Rajput, S, Lebron, D, Lagasca, A,   Incidence of Low BMD and Barriers to Routine Screening for Osteoporosis in HIV Patients in Eastern North Carolina.


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Lebron, D, Stang, A, Lagasca, A, Cook, P, Siraj, D. Sustained Virologic Response with Direct Acting Antivirals in HIV Coinfected Hepatitis C Patients and Its Effects on Liver Fibrosis. ID Week 2017.

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